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November 2019

„the unification“ (die Vereinigung)

The unification of East and West Germany goes back 30 years this november. In those days, Hans Lüdemann was working with the quartet RISM (Marc Ducret/g, Hartmut Kracht/b, Marc Lehan/dr) and made „3 attempts on the German anthems“ as a musical comment. The „ZEIT“, one of the major German newspapers, has re-discovered the composition that combines the hymns by Hanns Eisler and Joseph Haydn. In addition to the original quartet version there is a new solo piano version of the piece to be discovered at ZEIT online.


CD release:
Gebhard Ullmann - Hans Lüdemann - Oliver Potratz - Eric Schäfer

When Gebhard Ullmann, one of the great European saxophonists, received the Jazz Preis of the city of Berlin in 2017, he decided to realize a production at radio RBB Berlin with a joint project with Hans Lüdemann that they had been developing over a longer period of time, together with bass player Oliver Potratz and drummer Eric Schaefer. It is probably the only existing „quarter tone jazz quartet“ in the classical Jazz quartet format and dedicated to explore the possibilities of microtonal colors in a very personal way.
The first CD of „mikroPULS“ was released by Intuition/Schott in October.
Videolinks: www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX3n1KbpZ1A www.youtube.com/watch?v=n64ctI5OnSc

„Maghreb Express - on the edges 1“
featuring Majid Bekkas & Rhani Krija

T.E.E. Band TransEuropeExpress, the French-German octet, has started its new long-term project „on the edges“ that reaches out to and beyond the borders of Europe in July. The first project of this series featured Majid Bekkas from Marocco, a great master of the Oud and Guembri lutes and singer. Part of the project are compositions of the ensemble especially designed to include the guest artist and referring to his background, but also interpreting and adapting some of his original music. The ensemble had a residency and album production for BMC at the Budapest Music Centre in July with the premiere of „on the edges 1 - Maghreb Express“ on July 11 and performed the German premiere on July 14 at the LOFT Köln. Another featured artist in the Köln concert was percussion virtuoso Rhani Krija, who’s roots are also in Marocco. For the first time, French violin virtuoso Regis Huby joined the ensemble. New compositions were contributed by Hans Lüdemann, Ronny Graupe, Silke Eberhard and Alexandra Grimal.
In November the TEE will perform at the Jazzdor Festival Strasbourg with Kalle Kalima on guitar. TransEuropeExpress is an ensemble of creative Jazz musicians from France and Germany who are all soloistis and composers: Yves Robert (tb), Silke Eberhard (as/cl), Alexandra Grimal (ts/cl), Regis Huby (vl), Ronny Graupe (g), Sebastien Boisseau (cb), Dejan Terzic (dr) and Hans Lüdemann (p/vp).
The project was supported by Kunststiftung NRW:
Kunststiftung NRW

Trio Ivoire
Trio Ivoire XX „Enchanted Forest“

Trio Ivoire It is the start of the jubilee season for the Trio Ivoire, celebrating 20 years of collaborative work since Aly Keita and Hans Lüdemann started the project in Abidjan in 1999. The trio performances this fall include several appearances in the Ukraine at the Odessa Jazz Fest and the Jazz Bez festival. The special jubilee project „Trio Ivoire XX - Enchanted Forest “ extends the trio with a vocal trio that includes singers Simin Tander, Tamara Lukasheva and Amanda Becker plus the instrumental additions of saxophonist Alexandra Grimal and bass player Lisa Wulff. The production was recorded this year and will be released as an album/CD and presented in concert in 2020. (Photo: Trio Ivoire & Simin Tander, Lisa Wulff)
Supported by:
Kultur NRW Initiative

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